Website editing

Like any other publication, websites need careful editing or proofreading. Like traditional editing, website editing involves correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation for readability and consistency. Clarity and conciseness are particularly important in the web context.

Unlike editing for print, website editing may also involve:

  • checking internal and external links
  • checking the site’s appearance in a range of web browsers and window sizes
  • flagging or correcting aspects of the site that may impede accessibility
  • checking whether a site meets meets W3C standards by using the W3C validation service

These are some of the website-editing services I offer to website owners to ensure their sites give the best possible impression.

I run several websites which I have built from scratch or update using a content management system such as WordPress, and I am a member of the webspinning team that updates the SfEP website. I am experienced in using HTML and CSS for web-page editing and design.

Please contact me ( to discuss your website requirements.